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 “Why fit in, when you were born to stand out ?” We at HELIOSARC believe that leadership is the ability to get extraordinary achievement from normal people.

Some attributes of leadership are universal and are often about finding ways of encouraging people to combine their efforts, talents, insights, enthusiasm and  inspiration to work together. After all, why be ordinary when you can be exceptional !








We also provide Technology Services

Software Application

At HELIOSARC, we are skilled in building an application, or application program, or a software program using .Net, Java, php as well as various other programming languages that runs on your computer, laptop or mobile or any electronic machine. Web browsers, e-mail programs, word processors, games, and utilities are all applications.

Database Management

Be it SQL Database i.e. Relational Database (RDBMS) like MySql, Oracle, Sqlite, Postgres and MS-SQL or NoSQL i.e. Non-Relational Database or Distributed Database like MongoDB, BigTable, Redis, RavenDb, Cassandra, Hbase, Neo4j and CouchDb, we at HELIOSARC, are capable of taking up any assignment in DBMS.

Mobile APP Dev

HELIOSARC has good experienced developers to build Android, iOS, Windows, Xamarin or React Native Apps. Whether it’s Mobile APP or Web or Software, User Interface; UI concerning graphic design and User Experience; UX regarding analytical and technical aspect are our key and crucial part during development.


Apple’s augmented reality ARKit framework, Microsoft's mixed reality (MR) to combine virtual objects with the real world had brought tech to wider audiences. . HELIOSARC understands what reality technologies are and how businesses can benefit from them.

Digital Marketing

Content Planning & Marketing; CPM, Search Engine Optimization; SEO, Social Media Marketing; SMM and Pay per Click; PPC are the key processes followed by the HELIOSARC Team for the digital marketing that marks search rankings, engagement, leads and conversions.

Media Services

HELIOSARC enables Media & Entertainment domain with advance technology solution that easily creates quality media experiences for their viewers without the time, effort and expense that used to typically be required to run specialized video equipment in a traditional data center.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics expert at HELIOSARC applies fundamental scientific principles to the analysis of large, complex data sets that cuts across core disciplines of computer science, mathematics and statistics which in turn helps you to organize and visualize big data to improve campaigns, lift customer satisfaction rates, increase ROI and respond faster to consumer trends.

Cloud Computing

Whether its Software as a Service; SaaS, Platform as a Service; PaaS or Infrastructure as a Service; IaaS, HELIOSARC team enables companies with technology to be able to use applications and other resources managed by third party companies that are stored in high-end server computers and networks.

Internet of Things

The Internet of things (IoT) is the network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances, and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and connectivity which enables these things to connect, collect and exchange data.

Process Flow

Delivery Model of HELIOSARCH

  • Discuss Requirement
  • Creative Design Concept
  • Development Cycle
  • Happy Client


Startup by HELIOSARC : An Online Healthcare Platform

Doctor Appointment

Find and Book an Appointment with Doctors of your choice online after viewing details practicing independently or with top multi-specialty hospitals.

2nd Opinion

Stressed for * Surgery * Organ Transplant * Critical Disease ! Relax & Feel free to ask any 2nd Opinion for critical health problem as it is “Confidential, Private and Secure"

Healthcare @Home

Doctors, Physiotherapist, Nurses and Paramedicals for personalized and professional home health care services to elderly, Pre & Post Natal woman as well as rehabilitation cases are now online.

Multi-specialty Hospitals

Look out for Specialty Hospitals served by Expert Doctors for Critical Disease & Surgery or Organ Transplant along with other Services &Facility for cost effective solutions.

Medical Insurance

Explore health/medical insurance plans online and choose the best policy for you, family or parents which covers the medical expenses in case of medical emergencies and routine health issues.

Health Shoppe

Care-Wise ( Home, Clinical, Child, Pregnancy, Elderly, Women etc ) Category-Wise ( Diets, Supplements, Nutrients,Proteins etc ) Disorder-Wise ( Anxiety, Bone/Joint, Brain/Mood, Heart & BP etc )


Enabling Healthcare Domain with Advance Technology Solutions


24x7 Emergency & Ambulance Service


First Responder
Service Policy
    • Normal Ambulance
    • AC Ambulance
    • Ambulance with Doctor
    • Normal Ventilator Van
    • ICU ( Intensive Care ) Ambulance
    • Life Support Ambulance
    • Normal Mortuary Van
    • Refrigerated Mortuary Van
    • Government / NGO / Sponsored
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Less < 15 Minutes
Response Time
    • ALS / Critical Care
    • Accident & Bleeding
    • Asthma & Chest Pain
    • Bones & Muscles
    • Brain Haemorrhage & Injury
    • Burns & Scalds
    • Choking & Resuscitation
    • Heart Attack & Paralysis
    • Poisoning & Drug Overdose
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Train/Air & Assistance

V I P Premium
Exclusive Service
    • Air / Aero Ambulance
    • Train Ambulance
    • Ambulance Payment Gateway
    • Ambulance Leasing & Contracts
    • Ambulance - Law & Legality
    • Ambulance Transport Authority
    • Ambulance & Insurance
    • Standardisation & Quality
    • Ambulance - Finance & Banking
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